Art Studio
Our Art Studio is arranged for children to express creative freedom through arts, and crafts alongside educational
tools to enhance children's learning and social skills.
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Purple Elephant Affairs and Art Studio
Purple Elephant Affairs and Art Studio is your second family providing you with endless party options as well as a place to express creative freedom in our Art Studio located in Marietta, Ga!
  1. Play.
    Engaging everyone in the arts and activities provided by our services. Whether you are participating in a class or party everyone feels right at home in our space (minus the clean-up).
  2. Educate.
    Art in education is a fun, motivating strategy to help young children learn and develop basic skills. Art develops the mind and strengthens a person's connection to their emotions which is much needed in today's society
  3. Affordable.
    Feel comfortable with us and the many services we have to offer without breaking the bank so that you won't hesitate to call us again and again!